Unfortunately, in business, one can often be faced with unpaid invoices, late payments and more. This can place strain on the finances of the business in which case effective steps should be taken to make sure the business doesn’t fail.

If you have debt problems, creditors (the people you owe money to) will often be willing to accept arrangements to pay the debt off over a period of time. If you need some help with the management of debt, we may be able to help you.

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Acknowledgement of debt
Guarantee for the payment of a debt
Offer for making part payment of a debt via instalments
Promissory note in basic form
Promissory note with interest and repayable by instalments
Debt collection letters for unpaid invoices
Form N1 - Claim form for debt recovery
General power of attorney to collect debts
Letter of claim for an outstanding invoice
Assignment of debt and notice
Guarantee by several persons of limited sum
Guarantee deposit and charge as security for advances to a third party
Guarantee for the performance of a contract