A codicil is similar to a will, but generally, it is supplemental to a will that has been previously made. The codicil is subject to the same formal requirements as the will.

Types of codicils

There are many different situations which can arise where you might want to make alterations to your will using a codicil. Some of these are described below:

  • To appoint a substitute executor on death of executor
  • To make an additional gift to an existing beneficiary
  • When an executor no longer wishes to act as an executor
  • To cancel a gift made in your will to a beneficiary

For all practical purposes, codicils are used to make straightforward additions or amendments to an existing will. A codicil can exist independently of any will. If the testator cancels a will but does not cancel a codicil that was made after the will, it may result in there being inconsistencies that should be avoided. For this reason, the revocation clause in a subsequent will should express a clear intention to revoke all former wills and testamentary dispositions (i.e. documents that are wills or alter existing wills (e.g. codicils) or are part of existing wills or qualify as informal writings).

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Codicil appointing a guardian
Codicil appointing a substitute guardian
Codicil appointing additional executor
Codicil appointing substitute executor
Codicil appointing substitute executor on death of executor
Codicil making a gift to a new beneficiary
Codicil making an additional gift to an existing beneficiary
Codicil replacing a guardian
Codicil replacing a substitute guardian
Codicil revoking a gift to a named beneficiary
Codicil revoking or changing choice of executor
Codicil revoking gift to one and giving to another