Once signed up you will have instant access to create hundreds of bespoke legal documents and letters that will ensure that you are legally compliant and protected. Our clever online technology does the legal thinking.

Put simply, it's just like sitting with a lawyer - you will be asked questions and based on your answers your document will be personalised specifically for your needs. By using our technology we keep the costs low and available whenever you need it.

Here's a short video showing just how easy it is to create a legally binding document: 


Do I need any legal knowledge?

None at all. We've taken out the legalese and there is a searchable law guide. There are handy explainations throughout the document creation process. You can always call our tech support line or legal advice line if you get stuck.  

How come it is so cheap?

It's not cheap, it is tremendous value! We use technology so we don't have to employ hundreds of expensive lawyers. We genuinely want to make the law affordable for small businesses.

Do I have to wait until my renewal before I can upgrade?

You can upgrade at anytime in your account settings.

How do I cancel my membership?

Your membership is for a year from the date you joined so we will send you a reminder after 11 months so you can let us know then.

How many documents can I create?

As many as you like, there is no limit so go for it.

How do I know what legal documents I need?

Use our free Legal Healthcheck as a starting point.

Will the documents I create stand up in court?

The system creates the documents just like a lawyer would (but without the huge costs) and are legally binding.

What do I get for my money?

An unbelievable amount of online legal help and unlimited legal document creation and deals on other business services. Depending on membership level you also get access to our legal advice line, document review by one of our lawyers and discounts on legal fees if you have something more complex to deal with. Click for more details.

What if the law changes?

Our system is kept completely up to date so you can be confident that the documents that you create are legally correct. We can also send you email updates on any changes to the laws that we think you should be aware of to ensure that you are always in the know.

Do you only cover English law?

No, the system covers Scotland, Northern Ireland, England & Wales too.

Why should I use you guys instead of my local law firm?

We are sure that your local lawyers are lovely but we are cheaper (much, much cheaper), available 24/7 (you can access the system when it suits you) and we are a small business just like you so we know what you have to deal with. 



"As a startup business, signing up to a LawEasier subscription was a complete no brainer for us. It not only offered us great value at a time when budgets were at their tightest but also peace of mind that we were doing things properly. Two years on it is still a fantastic resource and providing valuable support as the business grows." James Morrison - Creative Director, Whitespace