Bespoke legally binding documents and letters you can create yourself.

For some things in life you need the trusted advice of an experienced solicitor, and at Mayo Wynne Baxter we have some of the very best.

Sometimes though, you may not need the advice but you do need a completed legal document or letter and that's when LawEasier can help.

You can use our system on a Pay As You Go basis and there are hundreds of letters, documents, and packs to choose from to help you with a range of personal matters. Prices start from just £12.

LawEasier is simple to use and will assist you at every step. You can create documents at any time and you can save partially completed or finished documents securely on our system and return to edit them at your leisure.

If you are not sure if LawEasier is for you then we offer all our documents on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. Just pick the document you are interested in, follow the guidance to complete it and when you have finished you can either buy it, and it will be instantly accessible or delete it.

Just click one of the categories below to find a list of available documents.