Consumer rights

As consumers, we are all protected by the law when we buy things in shops or online. Sometimes though we may not be happy with our purchases such as if the item is faulty or the delivery is delayed. Below are a number of documents that can help when problems occur.

Selling goods

If you are selling something as a private individual (not acting in the course of business) it might be worthwhile creating an agreement that records the description, price and delivery method for the goods to protect yourself from any comebacks from the buyer. We have a Sale of Goods Contract that is ideal for this.

Selling a car

If you are selling your car privately then hundreds or thousands of pounds could be at stake. We have an agreement that protects you as the seller from any claims relating to faults or defects found subsequently. In turn, you confirm that the milometer reading is accurate and that there are no outstanding charges on the vehicle. 

Buying or selling a pet

Cats, dogs and horses can be expensive to buy especially if your new four-legged friend is a pedigree. We have agreements that can protect you as the seller or buyer with a pet purchase.

It's easy to do

LawEasier is simple to use and will assist you at every step. You can create documents at any time and you can save partially completed or finished documents securely on our system and return to edit them at your leisure.

If you are not sure if LawEasier is for you then we offer all our documents on a ‘try before you buy’ basis. Just pick the document you are interested in, follow the guidance to complete it and when you have finished you can either buy it, and it will be instantly accessible or delete it.

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Demand a refund for goods purchased with a credit card
Letter requesting refund for goods not properly repaired
Reject a seller's denial of responsibility for faulty goods
Request a refund for goods not delivered on time
Request a refund for goods not fit for their purpose
Request a refund for goods not matching their description
Request a refund, replacement or repair for faulty goods
Request compensation for damage caused by faulty goods
Sale of goods contract
Agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle
Agreement for the sale of a horse or pony