In this section, you can find documents relating to both grievances and flexible working.

If something goes wrong at work, you need to know the proper channels to go through to achieve the result you are looking for. A grievance procedure lets you make complaints to, or raise problems with, your employer. You should make your complaint to your employer as soon as possible after the problem occurred.

Flexible working involves rearranging working time and/or locations. This can be particularly helpful for people caring for children or other dependants, but others may find flexible working helpful too. They may feel more in control of their workloads and manage a better work-life balance.


The documents available in the below packs work in conjunction with each other and are only available within the packs.

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Flexible Working Pack

Within this pack, you will find:

  • Application for flexible working
  • Flexible working appeal letter


Grievance Pack

Within this pack, you will find:

  • Grievance letter to employer
  • Grievance appeal letter