Homeworker Pack

Within this pack, you will find:

  • Homeworker risk assessment
  • Homeworking Policy


£50.00 + VAT

Pack includes:

An employer's health and safety obligations aren't restricted to the workplace. Employers continue to have a duty to minimise any risks to staff even when those staff are working from home. Use this risk assessment to help you identify risks and decide on suitable actions.

Suitable for homeworkers in desk-bound, office-related roles, it covers topics such as workstations, display-screen equipment, mental health and fire safety, among others.

If necessary, the assessment can be carried out by the homeworker themselves.


Use this policy to set out your rules and procedures about working from home. It covers areas such as the circumstances in which you're likely or unlikely to allow homeworking, the procedure for requesting it, health and safety, use of equipment and networks, data protection and more.

It's suitable for businesses operating in the UK and applies to employees or workers.


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