Probate Pack

Within this pack, you will find:

  • Probate application form (PA1A and PA1P)
  • Beneficiary receipt

With our Probate Pack, you have the ability for a one-time advice call as well as having one of your created documents reviewed by our legal team.


£270.00 incl. VAT

Pack includes:

You will need to complete the appropriate Inheritance Tax account/return before completing this form, as certain of the figures will need to be copied from the tax account/return to this form.

When a person dies leaving behind an estate, which can include a house or a flat, as well as money, shares and personal possessions, you'll usually need to apply to the Probate Registry to get a 'Grant of Representation' before you can deal with the assets of the deceased's estate. This means that you can't, for example, sell their house or get money from bank accounts until a grant has been issued.

Use this product to apply for the grant. It includes 2 forms: PA1A and PA1P; it will select the correct form for you according to your circumstances. Note that you can only use this to make an application for a grant in England & Wales.

Once probate has been granted, the executors or administrators of the estate can begin the process of distributing assets. This document can be used as part of this process by creating a receipt to be signed by the beneficiary of the gift, thereby providing you with evidence that you have fulfilled your obligations. This document will create up to six receipts - if there are more than six beneficiaries, you will need to use this document again until you have the required number. Please note that you can only use this document in relation to estates in England & Wales or Northern Ireland.

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