Employee handbook

Use this 'Employee handbook' to set out all the non-contractual issues relating to employment, including key administrative procedures. By doing so, and by complying with the policies and procedures set out within it, you will minimise the risk of potential employee lawsuits, such as discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal and reduce the risk of having to appear before an Employment Tribunal, which can cost thousands of pounds. In addition to all the subjects which must be included in the handbook, such as maternity leave and grievance procedure, etc., there are also optional clauses which you may choose to include. These include clauses relating to company cars, dress code, alcohol and drug testing, bonus schemes and stress at work, amongst others.

We recommend that this document should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it complies with future amendments to employment legislation.

With our Employee handbook, you will also have the ability for a one-time legal advice call as well as having your created document reviewed by our legal team.




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