Executive director's service agreement

Use this agreement to create a contract for an executive director joining a UK company's board of directors, giving them the same rights as an employee.

It includes options for working hours, workplace locations (including working abroad), salary, bonuses, share options, benefits, annual leave, sick leave, pensions, data protection, restrictions, and more.

If you're an employer in England, Wales or Scotland, you must give certain information in a written statement to the director by the time they start working for you. This agreement contains that information. In Northern Ireland, you have up to 2 months after they start.

Use this agreement in combination with our employee handbook (or you own) in order to refer to details of your policies and procedures around grievances, disciplinary and dismissal, and paid leave.

With our Executive director's service agreement, you will also have the ability for a one-time legal advice call as well as having your created document reviewed by our legal team.


£150.00 + VAT

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